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Montereale, an artisanal gelateria, was founded in 1987 the brainchild of Edi and Bruno and just 2 years later, the confectionery was also introduced. Initially helped by professional pastry chefs, but soon after Matteo, Gianmaria and Rosetta were able to make their own creative contribution to the process.

BiscottoPordenone® was born from the idea to propose to the people of Pordenone a dessert which was representative of and identifiable to their city while at the same time respecting local history and traditions. Biscotto was a real success, up to the point that in 2004 it was recognized as a typical product of Friuli. It paved the way for a long adventure that sees Montereale, the sole producer of BiscottoPordenone®, still very busy promoting their own product.

Also, more importantly, enhancing their product through pairings with the best food and wines from Pordenone and Friuli, with tastings in their cafè and at prestigious company headquarters during important events.

Montereale has become
one of the landmarks
of the province

Never tired of learning, we attend numerous coffee, ice cream and pastry courses in order to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated and well-informed clients. In a short time, thanks to excellent craftsmanship and constant desire for renewal, Montereale has become one of the landmarks of the province.
Our passion for travel allows us to 'steal' the most innovative ideas from around the world and adapt them into the context of Pordenone. Young and fresh air breathed from dawn till dusk is reflected in daily production, able to satisfy both the sweet tooth and those who'd like to keep the form. Breakfast time is a very special moment: a long parade of amazingly filled pastries that are the perfect match for excellent coffee, because if we've learned one thing while travelling, it's that coffee prepared properly and with love can lighten your day!

That's what drove Matteo, Gianmaria and Rosetta to attend the University of Coffee in Trieste at the Illy Headquarters and later become 'Master Baristas' and 'Artisti del Gusto'. Knowledge, passion and professionalism are the foundations for all of their proposals.
The complete knowledge of raw materials allows the processing and transformation from the very beginning. From the cocoa bean, raw coffee bean and fresh hazelnuts the best masterpieces are made both for gelato and pastry with daily production in both laboratories proceeding in perfect harmony.
Over the years Montereale's professionalism has excelled to the point that Matteo and Gianmaria have often been invited to give courses in pastry and ice cream making. They transmit their passion for this world to other aspiring catering professionals; a world that, without doubt demands sacrifice but that doesn't take away from the desire to show to customers the creative process. Through tastings, taste workshops, courses, on-site and off-site events there is an infinite range of opportunities to meet the customer out of their everyday environment, creating a more personal relationship and transmitting the passion and intrigue so they have a new sensory experience every time they return.

Everything comes together in creating the right atmosphere here at Montereale, a tidy, clean and cool environment with music, a good book or a guide to browse through and, of course, a smile. The product choice is very mindful of our customers and is designed to offer them great taste and high quality. Over the years Matteo, Gianmaria and Rosetta have selected Italian companies that offer excellent products such as natural drinks, local wines and "zero km" fresh products. The attention to detail is, therefore, 360°! Great attention to food intolerances, not the least to gluten, led Montereale to become the first gelateria in the province of Pordenone to be designated an "AIC informed café."
Innovation, research and the link with the territory have contributed to the recognition of Gelateria Pasticceria Montereale as "Eccellenza Artigiana" (Craftsmanship Excellence) by the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Our weekly newsletter regularly informs all our friends about events, seasonal products and gift ideas.
Since we can't stop for a single moment to communicate all our passion, we've been active for some time on the major social networks (Facebook, YouTube, twitter and Tripadvisor) with the latest news, photos and posts from of our many loyal customers, to whom we offer free Wi-Fi in our cafe.

Particular attention is paid to our product packaging with the growing use of recycled ecological paper for brochures, business cards and shopping bags made in corn bio plastic. The same applies to the ice cream, semifreddi and pastry take-away containers.
The search for the best raw materials, natural products, the attention given to recycled, recyclable, environmentally friendly and organic products, as well as all the latest news are regularly presented and explained to our customers through brochures, that are periodically updated in order to keep the information timely and up-to-date.


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