Spicy pasticceria
The spicy pasticceria line was born while experimenting; one thinks that spices are heavily used only in Middle Eastern, Asian, African and South American cuisine, but many underestimate the properties of these precious ingredients.

Star anise

owes its name to the star shaped form that characterizes the eyelets of its 8 small fruits. Known and widely used throughout the East, it is especially popular in China and Vietnam; it has a sweetish taste and aroma reminiscent of fennel seeds with a slight hint of mint.


is an evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka, from which the eponymous spice is derived. It is widely used in Europe and in Asia; it has a dry and pungent aroma, reminiscent of cloves with a hint of pepper. Unlike other kitchen spices, it is derived not from the seed or fruit, but from the stem and twigs that, after being released from external cork and treated, acquire the classic look of small hazel colored parchment.


is a herbaceous plant widely cultivated in both tropical and subtropical belts, it is equipped with a fleshy and densely branched rhizome that contains the active ingredients of the plant: essential oil, gingerol (principles responsible for the pungent flavor), resins and mucilage, and has a very pronounced flavor and typical aroma that gain its widely use as a spice, especially in dried and powdered form, or fresh and thinly sliced. The dried rhizome, usually sold in powder form, is used as a spice in cooking and as a flavoring in liquors and soft drinks (especially ginger ale). It has digestion and peripheral circulation stimulation, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and it is traditionally believed to contribute to the preservation and exaltation of food flavors.


has been known since ancient times for its anti-emetic, antiseptic, analgesic, bactericidal, vasodilator, muscle pain antineuralgic properties and is considered a mild sedative. The essential lavender oil is the mostly used base oil in perfumery. In aromatherapy it is used as an antidepressant, calming agent, nervous system balancer and decongestant against colds and flu. Also it is considered effective to lower blood pressure and reduce digestion problems. A few drops of essential oil added to a bath helps with relaxation. As an infusion it is also used in confectionery and ice cream making.


is a herbaceous annual plant that is found everywhere in the summer and is famous for its aromatic properties; it is used in the kitchen to prepare some good tea infusions that are drunk for therapeutic use or for simply delighting our palate. In fact it is endowed with anti-inflammatory properties and is a typical soothing remedy for nerves. Usually the flowers are harvested, preferably after natural drying and loss of petals.

So we have chosen some spices and flowers with which we have prepared infusions, which marry well with sweets and we have created a really amazing line of shortbreads.

 Ginger with Mediterranean pistachios
 Arabica coffee with nutmeg
Val di Noto almonds with saffron
Sesame with jasmine flowers infusion
Dominican cocoa with cinnamon
Lavender flowers
Arabica coffee with Pirano salt
Chamomile infusion
Dark chocolate with elderflower infusion


The ‘Solnce’ (Sun) brand sea salt and fleur de sel that we sell are produced in the salt marshes of Sicciole (Sečoveljske soline), in nearby Istria.


Sweet Easter

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