Raw materials - only natural ingredient

Invaluable reference for good taste lovers from breakfast to sweet relaxation in the evening, our seasonal and sophisticated pastries offer excellent breakfast pastries, mignon, and traditional typical sweets.

100% natural

Over the years our pasticceria has especially stood out because of the hunt for high-quality ingredients, for the selection and use of the best CRU in the world such as cocoa from the Samana peninsula and Ghana, the best vanilla from Tahiti, Madagascar and Mexico (Slow Food), 100% Arabica coffee from the south Equatorial belt countries that support development projects in the cultivation areas and Kerman pistachios from Iran. We also pay great attention to excellent Italian products such as Valley Noto almonds, IGP hazelnuts from Piedmont, natural Mediterranean pistachios, liquorice from Calabria, pine nuts from the Adriatic and honey from the Pordenone valleys.

The freshness and genuineness of our sweets are guaranteed by purchasing from local producers of fruits freshly picked at their proper maturity in order to maintain valuable nutritional characteristics after processing. Milk, cream and butter of Friuli/Veneto origin and flour from the local mills are carefully chosen for the pastries art.

To reach the best possible outcome our laboratories are equipped with the latest generation appliances that are able to minimize the product stress during preparation and guarantee perfect digestibility, taste and high-quality providing satisfaction to the consumer.
Passion, curiosity, patience, research and study are essential characteristics for getting excellent results. In the origin of every single sweet creation that we offer there is a thought... an intuition. Through many small steps, chemical processing and careful balancing, simple tests and amusing attempts the flavor and aroma of the every day delicacies are born.


Sweet Easter

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