Jelly fruit
A sweet from the past… but still going strong! Everyone likes it; it gives energy and wins one over on the first bite. We prepare the jelly with fresh fruit only alternating tastes based on seasonality and availability of raw materials because we believe that respect for natural cycles of the seasons is key to achieving unique flavors and excellent products.
The fruit we use comes exclusively from certified organic and biodynamic farms in our area who provide selected fruits for us at the correct ripeness for maximum flavor. We like to propose both "pure" than with some hot spicy note and are perfect for those who practice physical activity because they provide a natural energy boost, and only a few ingredients for an all-natural sweet.
• Julia DOP apple with cinnamon
• Strawberry with fresh mint
• Pineapple, nutmeg and Arabica coffee
• Berries with elderflower infusion
• Pear with ginger
• White chocolate with pineapple
•dark chocolate with strawberry
•pear with ginger
•Julia DOP apple with cinnamon


Julia DOP apple is the Friuli Venezia Giulia
apple! All crunchy and tasty, there are several
varieties: Royal Gala, Imperatore,
Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and
Granny Smith.
We prefer the Royal Gala and Golden
Delicious because they are crispy, juicy
and full of flavour!


Sweet Easter

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