Put yourself into action with your breakfast! This is day's most important meal and we have the widest choice of good and wholesome products. There are more than 25 different types of breakfast pastries accompanied by gourmet coffees, fresh yogurt with fruit and cereals, fresh juices and much more.
The selection of raw materials, the careful balancing of the recipes, the slow maturation (rising) make our croissants so light and digestible that you're left with desire to get one more.
We chose fructose to sweeten and a great hydrogenated fat-free margarine to make them even lighter; some buns are also egg-free to meet the most particular dietary choices.
Our croissants are natural and light, with no coloring agents or preservatives and are GMO free.

The fruit fillings are produced in our laboratories are made with fresh biodynamic agricultural fruits from Pordenone region. The flour comes from historical mills and several types of it are used to give each product its particularity.


Soft, light and 100% digestible! Our krapfen rise
in a natural manner for more than 12 hours and are
baked in our ovens every morning.
At the very last moment just one drop of oil
is sprayed on their surface so they acquire
a golden color.
They are then filled with our special fruit
jams, freshest custard cream
or velvety gianduja

Our breakfast pastries
• Croissants filled with apricot jam
• Croissants filled with cherry jam
• Croissants filled with custard cream
• Croissants filled with chocolate
• Plain croissants
• All-grain croissants with Thun heather honey
• Spelt croissants with organic raspberries
• Croissants with yogurt and organic berries
• Croissants with Val di Noto almonds
• Croissants with yogurt and cereals
• Croissants with probiotic ferments
• Egg-free spelt croissants with IGP olive oil
• Danesine buns with Julia DOP apples and raisins
• Kranz
• Braided buns with custard creme
• Braided buns with Marsure ricotta and raisins
• Plumcake with Dominican cocoa
• Plumcake with Tahitian vanilla
• All-grain plumcake
• Pastry pies with rice cream filling
• Pastry pies with Marsure ricotta
• Poached Julia DOP apple
• Oven fried krapfen with apricot jam
• Oven fried krapfen with cherry jam
• Oven fried krapfen with custard creme
• Oven fried krapfen with chocolate

Croissants filled with cherry jam

Danesine buns with Julia DOP apples and raisins

Braided buns with Marsure ricotta and raisins

Oven fried krapfen with cherry jam


The "B&B camere in Villa is a beautiful villa in the center of Pordenone


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