Chocolates and Cioccolatino Pordenone®
From the cocoa bean to chocolate: the unique artistic journey; the aromas released during processing can be hardly described in words. In movies, in music, in poetry or books chocolate has always inspired sensuality, complicity, energy, sweetness and emotion games to savour.
The curiosity for chocolate is born from our gluttony that took us to visit the Italian and European excellence in the processing and production of gods' gold: the microclabs in Piedmont and Liguria and the great capital of chocolate - Perugia; leading European companies in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We've chatted with the producers, stole the secrets, photographed their wonderful creations with our eyes and sophisticated presentations and then we have distilled the best of it into our own production.
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Cioccolatino Pordenone®:

is a registered trademark and it's what best represents our passion for pralines. A dark chocolate case which holds a layer of oak & cherry wood barrel aged Ancient Nonino Cuvée marzipan inside, gianduia heart and a gold leaf that seals a perfect masterpiece of taste.


milk chocolate with almond
praline ganache.


dark chocolate case with hazelnut praline
and gianduia heart.


dark chocolate case with balsamic vinegar, gianduia heart
and decorated with a strawberry biscuit.

The chocolate in movies and books


by Lasse Hallstrom (2000)
with Juliette Binoche and Jonny Depp, based on Joanne Harris
book of the same name

"Like Water for Chocolate"

by Alfonso Arau (1994),
based on Laura Esquivel
book of the same name

"Consuming Passions"

is the title of a 1988 film by Giles Foster

"Charlie and The
chocolate factory" A Tim Barton movie (2005) based on "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory "by Mel Stuart (1971). Both movies are based on the homonymous story by Roald Dahl of 1964.

"Chocolate lessons"

By Claudio Cupellini (2007), with Luca Argentero, Neri Marcorè and Monica Scattini

"Les émotifs anonymes"

Directed by Jean-Pierre Améris


by Nanni Moretti

The chocolate in music

"Rossetto e cioccolato"

Ornella Vanoni

"Mangio troppa cioccolata"



Kylie Minogue


Sweet Easter

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