Gelateria Salutistica® - Icecream for everybody

Artisanal gelato is the game that combines taste and imagination with local products without forgetting also to meet the needs of those who suffer from food intolerances and allergies. Alongside the traditional cream and fruit flavours, dairy-free, egg-free, sucrose sugar-free, gluten-free fructose sweetened ice creams and sorbets are born.

When we celebrated 25 years in business we started a new project, "Healthy gelateria", which is a new way to prepare the icy art.

It is not a sweet pharmacy but a smithy of flavours, and through constant research and preparation we attain the perfect balance between taste, lightness, substance and perfume. Whilst at the same time being careful to cater for the multiple nutritional requirements of our customers so as to provide them with 100% natural gelateria made from fresh ingredients, no artificial colours or preservatives. Our GMO free ice cream is produced with a lot of passion!

We’re informed by AIC (Italian Celiac Association) and our ice cream is also served in cones without gluten, eggs, milk or sugar.


Sweet Easter

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