La cioccolateria
We choose the best cocoa varieties in the world and process them in our labs to create the base for amazing creations: our chocolate is a true explosion of taste! Hot chocolate dominates the scene, milk, dark or white, with added instant ground spices such as cinnamon, anise and ginger, or a drop of brandy, rum, Amaro di BiscottoPordenone®...

A sprinkle of nuts, amaretti or freshly ground BiscottoPordenone®, can give your sweet break an extra dimension! Not to mention cream, classic or hand whipped, or vanilla and cocoa flavored soft foam siphon.
When chocolate meets coffee or ice cream the affogati and cremini are born. These are treats to which it's hard to say no to, not only during winter when the cold invites you to cuddle yourself but also in summer, with cold emulsified chocolate and coffee accompanied by the most refreshing and nutritious ice cream flavors.


Sweet Easter

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